We can ship REGEN + worldwide.

Order procedure

Consultation with the veterinarian.

Fill in details REGEN+ Order Form.

Send REGEN+ Order Form to us.

You get our feedback with 1 – 2 days.


1. Before ordering REGEN+ it is necessary to have a consultation with the vet.
2. Based on ultrasonographic examination, the vet will determine the sites of injections and amount needed for injections.
3. After determination it is time to contact us.

4. Send filled REGEN+ Order Form as a scan – pdf via e-mail address: b.dolniak@regenmedicine.pl
5. Or send a photo of filled REGEN+ Order Form as a MMS via phone number:
+ 48 518 184 828

6. Based on the sent REGEN+ Order Form you will receive a detailed offer including the shipping cost to your destination.
7. After accepting the offer, you are obliged to settle the amount from the offer (bank transfer) and send us a confirmation from your bank.

8. After receiving the bank confirmation we start to organise the shipment of REGEN+.
9. Depending on the destination, the shipment can take from 1 to 4 – 5 days.